mira mira

a spanish pretty boy.who has well waxed eyebrows, only listens to reggaeton, smells good, gells his hair, shaves his whole body (head to toe), mostly talks spanish, kinda a surfer crossed between a g.
i should kno i am a mira mira.
a mira mira is a puerto rican “fresh off the boat”
only listens to reggaeton, has better looking eyebrows than most females,likes to wear those shorts/shirts with them flowers on them…kinda surfer-like,dont mind wearing flip flops anywhere,wear maad gel on the hair, and always smells good
a hispanic american, that speaks mostly spanish and listens mainly to hispanic music. they dress in tight clothing,with a permanent marker used to outline their eyebrows and lips. also they annoy the sh-t out of most non-mira miras around them
a “chonga” is what some hispanics may call them

girl: “oh my gosh you see that mira mira b-tch over there? all speaking spanish probably talkin’ sh-t about people with her penciled on eyebrows, it annoys me so much.”
a hispanic american that acts ghetto, is used mostly to address to boricuas, newyoricans and all the people coming from the island of sh-t called puerto rico.
judith is a mira mira.

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