the mirari is a magical orb that calls out to all who see it, filling their heads with dreams of conquest. whispered tales claim the mirari’s shape changes as it tunes its powers to the desires of the person who possesses it. karn, silver golem creted this orbto be a pod to study othe races and thinking a sphere to be the most stable shape but it soon started leeking enormous amounts of energy changing everything around it and driving people mad thats why descriptions of the orb seem to disagree. one this is certain: the mirari has a bl–dy history, and more will die from their hunger to possess it for it gives who ever posses it unlimited power.
“it offers you what you what, not what you need” braids, dementia summoner
a human mage in the game world of warcraft. widely referred to as, “the gl-ss cannon greater than chuck norris”.
joe: “man! did you see how mirari nuked that guy?”

john: “of course! he’s the cannon greater than norris!”

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