a mirl is a manly girl from canada. she is a powerbabe and an ultra bar-star, hated and loved by many. she thinks, drinks and f-cks like a man. her motto is “shots now, questions later…” every thursday is a thirsty mirlsday.

mirls have had s-x on a fellow mirl’s futon; have drunk-texted their entire contact list; refer to a dive bar as their ‘second home’; have kissed a mirl and liked it; don’t see the sun on sundays; have phones that auto-correct ‘girls’ to ‘mirls’; are banned from local 24-hour diners and black-listed from most cab companies; have received ‘life-advice’ or a ride home from an officer of the law; owe a local bartender at least $40 for more drinks; have fresh ink but paycheques that last less than 24 hours; don’t know their address but always end up at home with empty dishes of take-out food in their beds; have been the target of an intervention; have been the victim of a p-ssive-aggressive facebook status.

mirl attire consists of a cut-up band t-shirts, belonging to an ex-boyfriend, plaid shirts, jean shorts, knee-high tube socks, tights are ripped or off. many mirls require gl-sses, because carrots are for -ssholes.

the mirl mascot is the lovely female lemur and the mating call is a cross between the shriek of a dolphin and a cackle of a hyena in heat.
“who run the world: mirls!”

“that mirl has more bruises than dignity”
text message shorthand for meet in real life, used primarily in online chat, im, e-mail, blogs, or newsgroup postings.
let’s mirl at the coffee shop.
a young girl who looks like a man, either in physical appearance, her manner of dress, or both.

derived from the words “man” and “girl”. it sounds like “merle”, a man’s name.
“dude, is that a man or a girl?”

“i’m not sure. (waits) it’s a mirl.”
the pedophilic acronym for meet in real life
after chatting up a young sixteen year old girl, five feet and four and inches in stature and with luscious blonde locks woven into french braids on an online chatroom posing as an 18 year old talented athlete, donald trell decided to take a leap and ask the naive girl if she might like to mirl.
a mirl is a male who looks like a female.

bill kaulitz is a mirl.
male in real life

an abbreviation for a person pretending to be a female online when in reality being a male.
“gosh, did you know jenny is a mirl?”
m entle
i nsane
r et-rded
l oony

simalar to the meaning stupid or silly
made by s + k xxx

frend 1:dose silly dance
frend 2:lol ur such a mirl

frend 1:walks into a door
frene 2: your a silly mirl

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