a yiddish word meaning family
fun for the whole mishpuchah!

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  • rapone

    verb. to be given the “evil eye” or told off by mr. rapone. usually done in an act of his barking out of orders. guy 1: i’m in the yellow patrol! rapone: -just stares- guy 2: you just got raponed!!

  • de bop

    that is the best thing ever man that is totally de bop or i would even say that is de bop

  • obama and your mama

    a remark that will get the sh-t kicked out of you in any redneck bar. an insult about some one’s mother that can’t be tolerated. what happened to john? he said obama and your mama to judy and she kicked his -ss.

  • obaloo

    a strange and wonderful creature that lives in a coc–n. the obaloo sleeps for long periods at a time and can become ferocious if sleep deprived or not fed at regular intervals. when not in the coc–n, the obaloo likes to potter at a leisurely place. this can sometimes get interrupted though by the mating […]

  • englimatics

    the science of combining english and mathematics to solve problems. using each subject as a bridge to learn the other. to englimatize basic mathematics, think of +, -, x. / as verbs. they are the action words in math problems. the ‘numbers’ are the ‘nouns’. students should always begin by identifying the nouns and the […]

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