the show-me state. the northern half of the state tends to be flat and fits in culturally with the midwest. northern missourians say “miz-zur-ree”. the southern half of the state is defined by the ozark mountains and tends to identify with the south, rather than the midwest. southern missourians say “mizz-zur-rah” keeping in tradition with the original french pr-nunciation of the indian word that was used as the basis for the state’s name. southern missourians in the ozarks tend to speak iwith an accent similiar to tennessee.

home to president harry s. truman, walt disney, and famed generals john “black jack” pershing and omar bradley.
abe: “i can run faster than that black bear coming towards us.”

paul: “oh yeah? i’m from missouri – show me.”

mo, yo.
a state typically mistaken to be full of rednecks and incest. actually, since i live there, i know that is wrong. missouri is not full of idiots who marry their cousins. so all of the idiots that have posted negative things, need to rethink that and quit believing stereotypes. 🙂
i went to visit missouri and found that it is a very pleasant place to live. the stereotypical idea of the state is completely wrong.
the show-me state. a state that doesn’t know if it’s southern or midwestern. its 6 million residents are divided in geography, accent and culture. northern missouri is flat and similar to the rest of the midwest while southern missouri is hilly and in the ozark region. ironically, america’s new unofficial country music capital is branson, near the arkansas border. people from northern missouri are considered more midwestern while southern missouri is more southern. missouri is the place where north america’s two great rivers meet: the mississippi and missouri, near saint louis. kansas city is the largest city but st. louis is the largest metro area. ironically both metro areas cross state boundaries. kansas city is known as a great center of jazz music and barbeque while st. louis is a major center for the production of beer (anheiser bush) and has the gateway arch. what’s ironic is that beer and barbeque go together like s-x and nicotine. however, both cities are extremely crime-ridden by many comparisons. some natives include jessie james, harry truman, walt disney and samuel clemens (mark twain).
missouri is a nice, quaint state but has somewhat of an ident-ty crisis.

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