a super hot babe with perfectly perky benjamins.
d-mn, look at those benjamins on that misty!
a totally hot chick.
dang – she’s totally misty
the girl that can make you laugh, cry, live, and die at the same time. the girl you can’t live without. the girl you will love above all others. the girl you wish to spend the rest of your life with.
i love you misty, forever and ever.
a pokemon charector accused of loving ash and beating up brock whenever possible
“stop it brock” misty brings mallet and sends him flying
beautiful angel who’s lips taste of the heavens and who’s smile melts hearts and makes ones knees weak.
even when it’s sunny outside you’ll wish it was misty around you.
1. obscure; vague
2. type of weather consisting of, or marked by mist
3. full of tenderness and emotion.
4. funny, reliable woman, who can be b-tchy at times, but is still lovable in the long run.
5. commonly a strippers name
1. “the future is misty to me,”

2. “it’s very misty outside,”

3. “i’m getting all misty eyed,”

4. misty: “i’m awesome,”
boy: “misty, you are something…”
misty: “awesome :d”

5. “on the pole to your right…misty
an extremely hot chick with an amazing body, a great sense of humor, and absolute brilliance.
very sweet, outgoing, open-minded, and down to have a fun time!
caring for all plants, animals, and humans. accepting of all.
unique and special.
be-friend a “misty” and you’ll have good luck for your lifetime.
usually pretty blonde girls are called “misty”. but all hair colors can be found.
ex. “wow, look at that chick, she’s so misty”
sometimes used to describe a cat whose fur is of a greyish color.

a comon name for tabby cats.
look at misty, her coat is so grey!

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