a derogatory term meaning someone suffering from mental r-t-rdation of any degree.
i’m not inviting that mit-mot to come fishing, he’ll scare away the fish by singing “the wheels on the bus”
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a mitmot is generally a tramp, somebody dirty, scruffy, smelly but can be used as a everyday insulting word
‘eww look at that mitmot’
a mitmot is also known as a windowlicker or chinbiter. basically a person incapable of caring for themselves whilst being oblivious to such things as deranged flatulence, trouser accidents, drooling.

other terms could be “spaz” “sp-ccer” “sp-cker” “joey” “r-t-rd” or “mong”
nip down to a ‘special hospital’, community centre, or bury in lancashire to see many wonderful examples of mitmots.

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