(noun) is a wonderful caring human being.
mitchel took care of me when i was homeless
is an awsome person who is liked by everyone and who is admired by everyone
‘i want to be a mitchel’

‘mitchels are so great’
wow he smokes a lot. what a mitchel
also known as mrsmokers he likes to steal stuff, drink, smoke and fap fap fapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapappapapapappapapapaappapapaappapaapapapappapa apen zijn cool, hoi hoe gaat ie dit gaat niet over mitchel alleen dat eerste waarom lees je dit.
he look mitchel
mitchel is another word for a weak helpless college student who goes to bed at 10:30 on weekends and doesnt like to get smashed because he rather play cards with his grandma. also mitchel can be used for a teen who hunches over when he has had too much. this term came from the 1800’s when north america had a huge baby boom and most of the baby boys were named “mitchel”, sadly they all lived up to the definition.
ex: “yo man, don’t go all mitchel on us”


ex: “dude look at that kid on the sofa, he is totally mitchel right now!
someone who has a different guy and hair colour for every day of the week

all in all b-tch and wh-r-
mitchel: oh my god… i dumped a guy for you and you still won’t f-ck me!

guy: you dumped me for another guy dumb-ss…. omg mitchel…
mitchel musso, disney star.
mitchel musso plays in hannah montana.

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