great guy, wonderful husband, just too small to please a woman
hes such a mitch-ll
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the most amazing name for a boy. he is sweet, funny, caring, hot, and great in bed. he is kind of a video game nerd but leads a social life; he loves to be outside and hangout with friends. he is bad -ss.
“wow, that guy is such a keeper, a real mitch-ll”

uses: noun, verb

an extremely large p-n-s,even larger than a shawn almost to the point of excessive. can also be used as a verb to describe the act of penetration with a large p-n-s.

did you see that mitch-ll.. it was huge…

my girl friend had that mitch-ll in her mouth in the other day
has tight abs or is sporty
mitch-ll (mitch) has tight abs and i love feeling them
the most awesome person in the universe.any person named mitch-ll is great at everything ever. nothing is more powerful then a mitch-ll except for chuck norris,but it’s a close call.
mitch-lls are also incredibly attractive.
“wow! mitch-ll just ripped apart a whale shark with his bare hands!
to have any form of s-xual intercourse or kissing in an elevator
we just did a mitch-ll
mitch-ll… often called mitch.
know-it-all when it comes to girls. can predict every move a girl is going to make as well as her entire thought process.

however, he rarely goes for a relationship. he prefers the ‘flirt and conquer’ method.

he can often be found playing video games or maybe avoiding his parents. he also enjoys jumping on trampolines, and once in a blue moon can be found running to the park. :d

a mitch-ll listens better than most other boys. he tries his best to understand and give advice.
but he isn’t afraid to let you know what a dumb-ss you are or how much you worry him sometimes.

he doesn’t mind that he constantly has to remind you how much you mean to him because he knows how thick-headed you can be.

a mitch-ll enjoys making fun of vegetarians and vegans and holds firm to his belief that meat and chocolate lava cakes are supreme.

sometimes mitch-ll’s are jerks but most of the time they mean well and even though the fights can get intense, it’s only because they care so much and don’t want to see you get hurt or feel like you’re being replaced.

he is the best friend one can ask for and will stay around for as long as you will let him, you just gotta let him in and stop building walls.
he prefers girl’s hair down and major fan of rappers such as eminem and lil’ wayne.
girl: “i like him but i don’t know if he likes me… he is so nice all of the sudden! i think he really likes me!”

mitch-ll: “it’s because he wants something from you. he’s going to ask if he can pick you up tonight for a party just wait…”

girl: “he texted me! …and he asked if i wanted him to come pick me up for a party…”
a gorgeous guy with an stunning face and a beautiful heart… sometimes can be a bit hard to please… but im still madly in love with him and would do anything to put a smile on his face…
wow what an amazing person, totally… adorable and sweet… and funny too – he’s definitely gotta be a mitch-ll 🙂

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