nickname for miami, yayo means drugs, this was started by rick ross
miyayo is one hot city
a place in the us of a called miami.
“305 m.i.yayo”
“in the m-i-yayo them n-gg-z rich off that yayo.”
mia, being a common abbreviation for miami, and yayo meaning cocaine. miami is a place where drugs are sold in abundance. started by miami rapper rick ross.
miyayo, im gettin’ cake hoe, if you don’t love cash money you can stay broke.
another way of saying miami

meaning miami being the home of distribution of cocaine. also known as ya yo this term is now bieng porpularized by the rapper rick ross but the term has been around miami for year.
man 1- yo so were are you from??
man 2-m.i ya yo were we sling that ya yo

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