the shortest way possible to say mary-kate and ashley olsen.
laura- heyy did you read that mka interview in us weekley?
probably the gayest location east of san francisco. the guys are god awful at sports. they win private group b every year and act like it matters. it doesnt. 90% of the girls are ugly and b-tches. they all talk with lisps and they don’t know how to dress. they’re school sucks so much that even they’re own students admit to it but they wouldn’t survive anywhere else, such as the public high school in montclair where they would be undoubtedly chewed up and spit out by the well rounded students of a public school. what makes mka even more of a joke is that their parents think their money goes to good use, when in fact they are paying to have their children sheltered for their childhood years to become arrogant pr-cks.

mka, is the one place in the world where the students are exposed to absolutely nothing that happens in real life. they pretty much hold hands with teachers until graduation day, where they walk out as the most hated group of sn-bs in the country. in college, the girls are all wh-r-s (no exeptions) and the guys turn out gay (no exeptions). not to mention they suck so bad at sports they refuse to play public schools in any sport other than hockey, which they still suck at. the last athlete to come out of their school was tim howard, he was also the first, and last.

mka sucks
mike: yo did you see the montclair cup last weekend?

raquando: yeah dude.. who is mka? they were so bad i had to smoke 3 l’s before the game was even interesting, even then they were so quiet in the stands it wasn’t even fun yelling back. where’s their school spirit?

mike: yeah dude, they’re girls are ugly too

raquando: yeah breh…

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