term for the website “my life is persian”
#1: i shaved yesterday, and now i need to shave again. mlip

#2: man, you got that from!
it means “my life is perpetually single”

guys/girls who don’t have any significant others and want one say this
(guys and girls dancing and making out and having fun as couples)

girl 1: why do we never get to have fun with our boyfriends, if we had any?!

girl 2: i know i hate that mlips
meaning: my life is pot.

mlip is used when someone just got in an awkward position thanks to our friend, marijuana. also when someone is extremely high off weed
pr-nounced: “m.l.i.p.” or “mmmmm lip” depending on how high the person is
“dude, i just accidently gave my mom my bag of purple haze! m.l.i.p.”

“wowwwww, im so zootedddd! mmmmmlip!”
acronym for “my life is polish.”
me: do you have some of that kielbasa lying around somewhere?
tom: h-ll yeah! mlip
short for: my life is pirate

pirate stories. that’s all.

is your life pirate? do you have a story about being pirate? do you just like pirate and have something to say about them? then post your stories here.

(a twist to my life is ninja where people post ninja stories.)
today, i made the realization that when people say you have ninja skills after catching something you dropped it should be pirate skills. why? because ninjas don’t drop things, but pirates do after a few drinks and its our ability to catch falling rum bottles that allows us to catch things…mlip

my life is not ninja. mlip

google lol limewire and press i’m feeling lucky. epic pirate experience!!! mlip

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