looks like the bird.
mlln = i am flipping you off over text form.

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  • modar

    n. someone who is very knowledgeable about heraldry. v. to discuss (usually at great length) on a topic of the middle ages or renaissance, especially heraldry. n. he is quite a modar on family coat-of-arms. v. she would modar on for hours if her friends would let her. the innate ability to figure out if […]

  • probz not

    short for probably not bud – hey brou wanna go windsurfin? pr-ck- probz not bud…

  • procedure 85

    after surprising a chick with your c-m in her eye, slap her with your d-ck. i procedure 85’d a girl last night.

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  • emescendunce

    msn dunce. one who regularly sends messages to unintended recipients. ”i think i just pooed whole vimto bon bons” ”that so wasn’t for you” ”i’m such an emescendunce”

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