when people get tired of typing man wrong they just start using this word instead just to avoid trouble.
person 1: where’s my food?
person 2: oh mna! i left it in my house!
the two hottest and most scandalous pledge cl-sses of rowan’s alpha epsilon phi chapter. we’re loud. we’re obnoxious. we drink (and eat) more than you. we get kicked out of bars. we’ll make out with your boyfriends. we dance on tables. we stalk. we know everything about anyone we want to.

and now we’re going to be lawyers, cops, computer engineers, businesswomen, teachers and irs agents. we no longer just talk trash… we ruin lives.

but you love us.
“hey man, remember those crazy b-tches who lived at 110 in ’03 and ’04? whatever happened to them?”

“ohhh… mna. they’re still crazy.”

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