when you can’t control your emotions and you fail at speaking or communicating in public
after emma missed the toilet seat she shouted mnahg !

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  • silent nutter

    a person who -j-c-l-t-s during s-x but makes no noise. “charles is a quiet kinda guy and i heard he’s a silent nutter.”

  • 💰🔨

    means you just stole money from who did it because you have no life and are lonely. you)you guys ready to get that money. imagination) yeah let’s do have no friends. 💰🔨

  • woody tissue

    when you have morning wood and -j-c-l-t- into a tissue thus creating a ‘woody tissue’. “i made a h-lla woody tissue this morning bro”

  • tlaji

    quitter d-mn bro you quit!? you’re a tlaji

  • astroxenophobia

    the fear of aliens or life from other/foreign planets. sarah: “i’m scared that one day, an intergalactic invasion happens. i’m afraid aliens would abduct me.” me: “perhaps, you’ve got astroxenophobia.”

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