my name is….
h-llo, mny joe. whats yours?

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  • whopper bopper

    a whopper bopper is a girl who loves to give head in trade for a so called whopper as in the burger from burger king so in short terms she would suck your d-ck for the trade of food “ayo did you know that she was a whopper bopper ” ?

  • whopper cat

    a big p-ssy after i pounded this chick for a couple months, i turned her little p-ssy into a whopper cat.

  • wig bash

    to get your hair cut you need to gan get a wig bash like! comes from northern england, usually meaning a haircut. boy 1: hey, see you got a wigbash. boy 2: yeah, just come out the hairdressers.

  • wigger reject

    a white who copies blacks not because he appreciates or understands black subculture, but because he thinks it makes him look cool. like a parrot he says words he doesn’t understand, like a chimp he copies actions not knowing what they mean. a wigger reject doesn’t understand, that you can walk the walk and talk […]

  • d'orgh

    a word used in extreme cases of lazyness such as when asked to do anything which dosnt involve sitting. d’orgh

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