also spelled “mockit” (pr-nounced similarly). means thoroughly dirty, of people rather than things, because the things do the dirtying.
i got right mockit cleaning out the cellar
pockets in pants or any type of clothing that are just for looks. may also be pockets that have been sewn shut. many blazers and sport coats sold in stores have the pockets sewn shut to deter theives. womens pants often have what looks to be pockets but are actually just st-tching representing a pocket, however upon further inspection an actual pocket is not there.
jenn “hey sweety can you hold on to my keys for me??”
scott “why dont you put them in your pocket?””
jenn “these arent pockets, they are sewn shut.”
scott “i hate you d-mn mockets!!!”
a scottish word meaning a dirty or unclean person. someone really f-cking gross
jocelyn mclean
when what appears to be a pocket isn’t.

mock the pocket = mocket
“can i put that in your jacket pocket”?

“sorry mate, its just a mocket”

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