moderate Republican

a moderate republican believes in the beliefs of the ten commandments but unlike a regular republican or far right wing republican, a moderate republican believes that most issues of today’s society should be handled in man’s logic and perceptive instead of the religious way.
for example abortion should be allowed only if the female is raped or incest is involved…regular republicans & right wing republicans would be against any and all abortions…
people who conservative republicans have intense hatred for. a moderate republican is someone who holds moderate right wing views. most likely to support same s-x unions, pro-choice, pro-fiscal conservatism, pro-privacy, pro-gun and pro-war. examples of moderate politicans include olympia snowe, rudi guiliani and john mccain.

some independent voters are actually moderate republicans who usually decides united states presidential elections. they tend to the republicans if the left wing turn to socialism and tend to the democrats if the right wing try to shove a bible up your -ss.
i should know a moderate republican… because i am one.
1. literally, a liberal republican
2. a washingtonian
when colin powell said he was a moderate republican what he really meant was that he was a liberal republican

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