a person with low intelligence and often does foolish things
hey ! you mofiz , quit doing this dumb act.

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  • mofocookies

    an oddly delicious cookie made out of any cr-p you can find bob: mmmm these cookies are very good! joe: i made them out of mud bob: m-f-cookies.. >.>

  • Monroement

    noun – e.g., “to have a monroement” the unfortunate moment, while walking down the street, when a loose and flowy skirt gets blown up by a strong wind, exposing the wearers panties. the word derives from marilyn monroe’s skirt blowing scene in the 1955 film the seven year itch. i knew i shouldn’t have worn […]

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  • Monsees

    n. pl. 1. s-m-n stain schrapnel that is most clearly seen or visible (usually glowing) under black-light conditions. 2. masturbatory evidence identified by a textural diference with the underlying existing surface typically found on or around one’s personal computer. dude, you’re such a perv…you got monsees all over my mousepad!

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