mohawked have a mohawk run across your genital area very in a back in forth motion, the person doing the mohawking will almost look like he or she is headbanging violently. it can be a very intense experience so try at your own risk. (getting mohawked can have some side effects,for instance you may grow your own mohawk or fohawk)

2. an amazing experience you will never forget

3.can be used as a threat as well if needed! (this form of the word is a very negative side which can result in harm)
1. joel: you fittin to get mohawked?

girl: oh heck yes! it’s amazing!!

2. mack: i got mohawked and two days later i had my very own mohawk!

3. me: you better shut up p-ss-biscuit!!

joel: oh yeah?? you better shut up or you’ll get mohawked!

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