mohsen (persian: محسن) is an iranian given name for males. it is the persian version of the arabic name “muhsin” which literally means a beneficent person (someone who does good). muhsin is a quranic name.
hey mohsen. how are you doin today?
mohsen. a word that has become synonymous with looking s-xy/fine/hot.

originally ‘mohsen’ was a legend, a mythological creature that left women blinded by his beauty and s-xiness.
compliment: hey boy, you like mohsen today.
a persian guy with an 11 inch c-ck who loves agressive s-x.
did you see his c-ck?
he is a mohsen
a stereotype. a name often -ssociated with iranian taxi drivers who let the back portion of their hair grow out of proportion, style their facial hair in a way that could only be described as a p-rnstache and use compact discs (among other things) to decorate their rear view mirrors.
محسن! پشت مو رو بچسب به مولا
roughly translated: yo, mohsen, check out the back portion of my hair! it puts horses to shame, now beat that, punk!

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