something that is extremely slow moving. (excruciatingly slow.)
“the pacing of that movie was molastic, i thought it would never end!”

“this internet connection is molastic. i’ve been trying to download this file for an hour.”

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  • mudoop

    mud and sh-t mixed together; sh-t; mud; muddy p–p; typically on the bottom of a shoe you smell like mudoop; euuwww there’s mudoop on your shoe!!! and its all over my carpet m-th- f-cker!

  • mailing lists

    lists of every email: sent, received, or spammed by you. your mail is collected, categorized, -n-lyzed (and probably flagged if you get stuff from the “urban dictionary”) by the nsa. i’ll bet edward snowden is sharing my p-rn mailing lists with the russians.

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