a group of bristles or hairs about the mouth of a man who cannot seem to grow it in fully. sometimes this is caused by the subject going through p-b-rty, but it is generally thought that darwin’s theory of evolution may take part in this phenomenon.(if a person is undesirable, his body may not allow him to have normal bodily functions…like growing hair on his face.) this act of trying to grow facial hair but horribly failing is usually perpetrated by child molesters and h-sh-rs for some unknown reason.(or possibly the darwinist theory above)
that guy over there in the trenchcoat reading teen beat has a killer molestache!
molestache, the unfashionable mustache that rapists pedophiles(child molesters) and dictators wear.
btk killer, hitler, stalin all have a molestache. exemptions burt reynolds(only).
a group of thin, wispy hairs located on the upper lip that the wearer believes const-tutes facial hair. much like he believes her thin, wispy cries const-tute consent.
hey, nice molestache…wait, what are you doing? don’t touch me, just–no! oh, g-d! help! please, someone! aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!
also known as molester moustache or my first mustache.
part mustache. part molest. 100% pure s-xy.
hide the children! that creepy man with the molestache is in town again.
a certain type of moustache worn by people who either are or will be on a list of local s-x offenders.
“dude look at captain crunch’s molestache, he totally touches children.”
a horrible grow of hair on the upper lip halfway between peach fuzz and a mustache. this frighting facial hair is often grow on the lip of a teenage boy either trying to look manly or simply refusing to shave. can also appear on the face of an old woman.
oh look at jim he really needs to shave he is getting a molestache.

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