mollie miller

mollie is the type of person who uses people to get more popular. she is a fat sl-t and a fake friend, she is also very snaky and can’t keep a secret. she tends to wear makeup to cover her ugly face and make her more “pretty” but makes people feel sick instead.

she sounds and looks like a complete wh-r- and try’s to get every boy even if there ugly, she just wants the attention.

only a few people like her and want to be her friend but the friendships don’t last long because she falls out with people for no reason what so ever. once you become friends with her she won’t let you talk to anyone else or let you have any friends
person 1: ewww look at mollie miller’s eyebrows today, they look like fat slugs
person 2: yeah, i know but have u seen how short mollie miller’s skirt is, no wonder she can’t get a boy you can see up her -rs-.

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