molly rant

an extended explanation usually regarding a social injustice, corporate incompetence/arrogance, or technical folly. the argument is well formed, logical and rational but delivered with staggeringly quick pace and heightened emotion often leaving the ranter breathless and agitated.
did you hear that, my mom totally went on a molly rant about her mp3 player not playing her songs due to cr-ppy drm!
(noun) {molee^rant} an indigant, sanctimonious and opinionated diatribe on the the stupiddity of an individual, corporation or organization. mollyrant implies commentary of extended length and vitriput-tion which is often lengthy, seriallized or recuring in nature.
whatever you do, don’t mention the iphone price cut in front of her; she’ll just go on a total mollyrant.
a tirade in which the listener or other partic-p-tes of the conversation are effectively silenced until the ranter run out of steam. coined for molly wood, cnet podcaster and infamous ranter.
any molly rant on her cnet podcasts like buzz out loud.
a long brethless upsetting rant usually containing references to technology such as copyright protection, electronic privacy, or idiotic companies.
“and you know who’s not going to labor under those restrictions? you know who’s not even going to notice? the m-ss-production piracy operations, that’s who. you know it, and i know it. so why are you engaged in this nickel-and-dime, small-time thrust-and-parry with me and my friends? trust me, you’re not going to make back the money by dropping viruses onto my pc, because my almighty dollar and i are going elsewhere–and you’re probably not going to like where i end up.”

d-mn, did you just here that molly rant?
a mollyrant is a rant about a certain corporation, product, or company of molly wood, from
my friend was so into ranting about that new zune that he was almpost on a mollyrant!
attributed to molly wood from the “buzz out loud podcast” on cnet, a daily technology podcast co-hosted with tom merritt. an official molly rant is a long statement (molly rants pl. are known to last over a minute) delivered at a fast pace and often pause-less, where molly wood would give her opinion(s) on a particular article relating to or arising from a story in the podcast. the speed and length of the statement is often proportional to the amount of displeasure cause to molly wood by the story. now, a molly rant is often used to describe any rant delievered in the form of molly wood.
she totally did a molly rant
an emotional, self-righteous diatribe against something, usually without much of a factual foundation. named after molly wood of cnet’s buzz report and buzz out loud.
today’s molly rant was that the iphone sucks because she couldn’t slide the slider or press the letter p.

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