this word comes from a group of kids from taylor michigan, founded in 2002. it has many meanings, from a dumb idiot to get the h-ll out of this wolrd u r-t-rd.
your a stupid moltod!
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brent piunti is a f-cking moron and he can’t say molotov right… that’s where the word came from…

and he puts people’s names in urban dictionary for everyone to see
brent piunti sucks fat p-n-s! therefore he is the ultimate moltod! n-gg- n-gg- n-gg- n-gg-
moltod can be used for so many can be used to describe something stupid or an ignorant action. it was founded by brent piunti while playing freedom fighters for the xbox.
dan moldovan says alot of stupid things therefore he is the ultimate moltod.

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