mom job

when a old f-ck gives a mom a rim job
he’s getting the mom job
when a woman comes on to you s-xually in a motherly fashion, even during the s-x act itself.
she brushed back my hair and called me baby in the middle of the mom job.
to receive oral s-x from one’s mother
what, you guys didn’t get momjobs when you were frustrated 19 year olds? i mean it’s not like she swallowed.
the act of intercourse (generally from behind and on your side) with a female who is breastfeeding an infant, or another partic-p-tor in said intercourse.
dude, i pulled off the best mom job with that chick last night. it was weird when she was nursing her kid, but when her girl friend joined in it was totally worth it.
when receiving either a hand or bl-w j-b from someone’s mother, usually a close friend.
i got the best mom job last night, i hope your dad doesn’t find out.

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