a mondingo is a very large, often erect, hairy p-n-s, that is dirty.
wow chad, i can’t even lie i love your mondingo on my forehead

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  • syakur

    this person is grateful.the person will compliment you.(especially if he’s a malaysian teenage boy) justin:i am so syakur.

  • yellow iron

    swinger slang for cialis. erectile dysfunction medicine that is yellow and makes your p-n-s rigid. play on the slang for heavy construction equipment such as a bulldozer. we have ten couples and two unicorns at the s-x club tonight. i’m going to need some yellow iron to keep up with this crowd.

  • gbana

    nigerian slang for weed, marijuana. synonym; igbo, blah the guys over there are smoking gbana

  • rodnesia

    rodnesia is a beautiful sweet kind smart girl who love to have fun and will make your days and nights much better i wish i had me a rodnesia

  • bernoodle

    when you fail miserably over and over again. millen: “wow man my life is a real bernoodle”

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