the monsta is the bj of all bj’s. they’re rare, but worth the wait.. you’ll know it when you get it…
d-mn, that girl just gave me the monsta.
pr-nounced: mon-sta (noun)

1. an inconic caribbean artist or musician performing on stage.

2. a rastafarian leader who inspires his followers to fight against oppression through music and lyrics.
there will never be another monsta like bob marley; his music changed the world forever.
someone who is beastest at everything
monsta is a monsta.
an extreme female guido. used in conjunction with guidette (ie- guidette monsta).
kim strives to be a guidette monsta.
purple whale monsters with red eyes that steal hearts; hatches from eggs and hates smoke.
you only killed seven monstas, therefore no bonus!
a chode p-n-s…thats right 7 inches long and 6 around
jeremy blastmacher has a monsta.
a caucasian female who gets dudes in trouble.
that monsta made me get into a fight with my boy.

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