a complete idiot who messes up all the time, someone who has lack of common sense and are oblivious to the world around them. a moon is a complete f-ck up.
“i met that kid once, biggest moon ever” “oh come on you f-cking moon, you f-cked over the fax machine, you mooned it big time man” “i’ve never met a man that mooned as hard as him, he was a huge f-ckin luna”

randy moss mooning the crowd
1. the act of bending over, pulling down one’s pants and showing an innocent person one’s -ss.

2. a person who -is- an -ss. when in situations where the word a$$ is verboten (eating dinner with older relatives, giving a speech in english cl-ss at school, or talking on radio or tv), the word “moon” is an acceptable subst-tute for “-ss”.
“omg, that hottie just mooned us! i’m so stoked”

is acting like a spoiled little girl. he’s such a moon!
how everything is spelled, acording to tom cullen. from the book the stand by stephen king.
” everybody’s… always talkin’ about what a dull town this is, since the roller rink went bust. and there’s just the drive-in theater out on route 61, and… all they show is them diddly-daddly pictures, and they’re all rated “x”. m-o-o-n, that spells “x”. ”

all right, i’m ready! laws, yes! m-o-o-n, that spells “ready”!

decoration is my hobby. m-o-o-n, that spells “hobby”.

julie lawry: you’re name’s tom, right?
tom cullen: tom cullen. m-o-o-n, that spells “tom cullen”.

ralph bretner: name’s ralph bretner.
tom cullen: i’m tom cullen. m-o-o-n, that spells “tom cullen”. i don’t know his name, ’cause i can’t read it. sure wish i did, though — laws, yes.
nick hands ralph a hastily scribbled note.
ralph bretner: your friend’s name here is “nick andros”. m-o-o-n, i-i guess that spells “nick”.

woo-hoo! m-o-o-n, that spells “nebraska”!

i got it, mister! i got it! you’re just like old albion packalot’s hired man! tom cullen knows what that is! m-o-o-o-n, that spells “deaf and dumb”!
not the (original) death star.
“that’s no moon.”
– alec guinness
1. the b-ttocks

2. to display one’s nude b-ttocks
jim got sent to the princ-p-l’s office for mooning in school today.
a thing that has been blown up at least 200 times in the dragonball series. believed to have revolved around the earth prior to its destruction(s).
dragonball dude: omgwtf is that the moon?

goku: kaaaaaameeeehaaameeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa!

dragonball dude 2: where?
the white or grey thing that you see at night if you look at the sky.
americans first land on the moon.
in russia=
general- soldier! you are going to fly to the sun tomorrow to show that we are better than those americans!
soldier-sir! but i’ll burn!
general- do you think i’m so stupid! you will fly at night!
the act of showing ones naked -ss for pleasure or any other stupid reason. usually done by f-cktards and other equally stupid persons.

also is the big round bright thing you see on the skies at night. also a name.
when you weren’t looking, the f-ggot pulled down her pants, bent over, and mooned you.

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