moose piledriver

numbing the upper extremadies of a voluntary significant other with novacane (or drug of choice), the wrapping your silly w-lly with moose jerky and proceeding to piledrive that thang into next week. the drug usage is only meant to make it more comfortable and is completely optional if you are a savage. when climaxing, typically the male and female match tonal frequencies in the celebratory imitation of a moose climax. first attempted by the wwe wrestler “moose” who was both an expert at piledriving, and being a moose.
person 1: “have you heard of this thing called the moose piledriver?”

person 2: “yeah dude, i heard that’s what g-y people do”

person 1: “don’t be a f-cking h-m-phobe, tom, jesus. if a man wants to wrap his d-ck in moose jerky and shove it in his partner, he can do that okay, it’s 2017, man.”

person 2: “i wasn’t being h-m-phobic it was just a joke, brad.”

person 1: “yeah, well i did a moose piledriver last week with my girlfriend so that proves it’s not just ‘a thing g-y people do’.”

person 2: “yeah, but it’s still f-cking weird. you’re disgusting”

person 1: “it’s 2017 tom, get hip.”

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