a person who mops the floor. specializing in mopping floors. most likely a t-tle given to you at work which informs you that you now have to mop floors on top of all the other duties you do. you can be a doctor or a secretary or any other position that doesn’t require you to clean rooms etc…but you have a boss who’s a tight -ss and decides revise your job description and adds mopping floors. so guess what?!? you are now a mopologist, board certified too!
starting 8/21/17 all secretaries will now start to mop and clean all rooms but please prioritize and do not neglect the phones and other clerical duties. you will have the t-tle mopologist added to your badge, but your pay will not increase
an duty added to your job description when your boss doesn’t want to hire the proper person and just wants to be a tight wad
i’m a surgical tech and my boss revised our job description and added mopologist to our duties.

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