fantatically evil woman from home and away in the 1990’s.
that woman is great she is almost a morag
a person who lacks tact and/or social skills

a piece of cloth used to clean up after a hot carl is given
that morag sure is one ugly sh-t.
someone that is sweeter than honey pie, cuter than a sprinkle of kittens yet possessing an evil sense of humour. morags are incredibly charming but not to be messed with. mess with a morag and you will be burnt. typically morags are scottish and very milky, with slightly bossy tendencies.
everybody loves to hang out with a morag. morags are amazing to be around but hard to get. morags only -ssociate with the best sort of people. morags are rare
wow, that girl is so sweet and funny but she don’t take no sh-t from no one. she’s almost like some kind of morag!

purrrrrrmiaaaaoooow – (this is what kittens say when they see a morag)

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