the ironic way to spell moron.
“get a brain! morans”
anyone with an opposing view.
get a brain morans! go usa!!!
the preferred method of spelling “moron” by morons, particularly that of a missouri redneck at a rally supporting the us led war in iraq.
get a brain, moran! go usa!
the last name moran derives from a variety of irish surnames. many people tend to relate the pr-nouncement of the name to sound like the word,”moron.” a common misconception…well, sometimes.

ironically in retrospect, the name has been translated most as meaning,”descendant of the great one.”
ted: “yo moron, living up to your last name today, i see.”

sean: “cut the cr-p, it’s moran!”
a moron’s spelling of the word moron which means idiot.
also the name of a city in the state of kansas.
moran? isn’t that a surname? what a moron.
simply, the way a moron spells moron.
tina: “i’m such a moran!”
adam: “yes, yes you are a moran, you moron.”
the correct spelling of moran when posting to fark
… i will forever think of you as a moran.

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