slang term for mormon, similar in use to downie
those mormies wear magic underwear

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  • borbposting

    the equivalent of sh-tposting but worse. commonly used in the vainglory community and forums. hey, stop borbposting on my thread, you nozo!

  • out of the picture

    gone. left. could sometimes even mean dead. no longer important. guy 1: hey dude whatever happened to roland? guy 2: oh don’t worry about him. roland’s out of the picture now.

  • kolasi

    a girl who has a tough personality but has a hidden soft spot. doesn’t do to well in school but isn’t dumb eiether she’ll do anything for her friends and family “kolasi is one tuff girl”

  • hauke high school

    a school where everyone is scared of nicolini and everyone loves stoker, full of bad-ss people with weird personalities. the rapper “vldz” attended hauke high school only to release trash -ss music.

  • trump bunker

    the fictional place to which one withdraws when they are either tired or fed up with trump’s antics, especially over social media. there’s been so many idiotic presidential tweets and backlash that i need to just retire to a trump bunker to get away for a while. (aka, avoid social media).

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