Moron Maneuver

the moron maneuver; an act where someone who believes they have something to prove – usually an adolescent male – performs a moronic and reckless act infront of their peers. during this maneuver the person manages to look like a d-ckhead and severely injure themselves at the same time. this act is usually preceded by the thoughtless and dangerous words; “you wanna bet?”
example 1.
guy 1: “oi bro, reckon i can jump from this balcony to that one?”
guy 2: “no way, you’ll totally f-ck it up!”
guy 1: “you wanna bet?”

example 2.
guy 1: “dude did you see niko f-ck up that jump?”
guy 2: “no, what did he do?”
guy 1: “it was a total moron maneuver, he jumped one trolley, then tried to jump two put together.”
niko: “guys i think i f-cked my wrist up.”

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