a s-xual move where the man takes a sh-t in a condom then performs -n-l s-x with another man.
i’m gonna have to take a shower after that mosel you gave me

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  • motha nut

    a name called out to acnowledge a friends presence(not a disc) guy 1: yo dude whats up guy 2: yia yia yia motha nut

  • mothball shit

    a term that trailer trash mothers use in conjunction with nappy-haired boys that wake them up after they’ve already p-ssed out on the dumpster couch. “mothball sh-t…you woke me up!”

  • Mr. & Mrs. Coffin

    the couple sitting next to you in the theater who coughs a lot while you are trying to watch the movie. hey, mr. & mrs. coffin, i feel bad for you that you are coughing a lot, but, buy some cough medicine, or stay home and watch a video! you are annoying the h-ll out […]

  • muddybutt

    when there’s mud on a b-tt jimmy fell in the mud and got a muddyb-tt.

  • muder mucker

    funny word 4 mother f-cker o muder mucker u killed my mum u must die b-tch

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