isis name originated from the siberian culture, intellectually challenged and usually appears in some form of mcdonalds advertis-m-nt. his hair line appears as an m and he runs like a grizzly bear on steroids. his comebacks bring pain to those who are deadly enough to challenge him in a beatbox/rap compet-tion. in summary he is an unpaid sponsor towards mcdonalds.
your mum’s a mosleh

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  • no dude

    a sharp, st-rdy remark to an idea that does not appeal to you. jake: “let’s go to the strip club tonight bro!” andrew: “no dude.”

  • mexican spray tan

    when a man and woman put spray tan on their gonads and have s-x until they turn dark brown. i gave sally a sick mexican spray tan last night.

  • zoo gang

    a gang full of rich n-gg-s “i got zoo gang with me” something fetty wap says in his songs – yo what does ‘zoo gang’ mean? – no f-cking clue bro

  • Georgia Steam Roller

    a s-xual act that includes one of the partic-p-nts defecating (sh-tting) on the other and then proceeding to rub said fecal matter all over, mimicking a steam roller. man, i gave my girlfriend a georgia steam roller last night.

  • putzer

    an object that is complete sh-t, or a person that is full of sh-t and has no grasp of reality. your car is a putzer. or you, my friend, are a putzer.

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