one of israel’s intelligence agencies, noted for its expertise in wet affairs. literally translated as “inst-tute.” never referred to as the mossad, but rather simply called mossad.
mossad launched missions, dubbed operation wrath of g-d, to track down and kill those alleged to be responsible for the murder of 11 israeli athletes by palestinian gunmen at the 1972 olympic games in munich.
formally known as ha-mossad le-modiin ule-tafkidim meyuhadim (the inst-tute for intelligence and special tasks) or simply known as mossad (the inst-tute). arguably the best intelligence agency in the world. good relationship with the cia. scares the living sh-t out of every living arab. is known to have people everywhere in the world.
the terrorist’s family lived the rest of thier lives looking over thier shoulders for mossad agents to come and kill them.
listen > mossad is the most efficient killing machine in the world if they are after you, your f-cked. simple.
“i always tried to kill when i could see the whites of a person’s eyes. so i could see the fear. smell it on his breath. sometimes i used my hands. a knife, or a silenced gun. i never felt a moment’s regret over a killing.” rafi the stinker- check it.
the insitution behind all of the worlds tragedy. often called, “mossad conspiracy,” the mossad will bulldoze your house and steal all of your money. they control the media, the us government, and your life.
the mossad bankrupted me and covered up the evidence.
arguably the most incompetent intelligence organizations on the planet. the mossad have botched up and ruined simple -ss-ssination attempts against several arab targets. mossad agents have in recent times been caught by jordanian, canadian, american and new zealand authorities. they are spectacularly innefficient and sub-par as a spy agency.
the mossad have a long history of infiltrating palestinian armed groups and believe that their success rate against an occupied nation without a standing army and military infastructure cl-ssify them as leading intelligence organization. they clearly are deluded beyond reason.
the mossad however is highly touted as a world leader in espionage, particularly because the israeli media has an outstanding propaganda network that runs in the western world. foreign media outlets owned by jewish expats see rupert murdoch et conrad black have worked hard to ensure that israeli government organizations are highly thought of in america.
the mossad have the world’s worst mission rate. outside of occupied palestine, their rate of success against targets is 2/10. the same rate as the bulgarian kgb.

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