motha fizzo

mother f-cker
any where mother f-cker would normally be used

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  • nobagob

    west c-mbrian nickname for c-ckermouth in c-mbria. just making a sleepy town more exiting! wayne: “you up t owt tneet like?” sarah: “aye, as garn n-bagob wit derek”

  • Snail Bumpers

    another term for lesbians. the v-g-n-l lips resemble a slimy slug. when the lesbians are scissoring, they are “b-mpin snails”! those chicks are snail b-mpers!

  • Snatchy McSnatcherson

    someone who grabs something very hastily. at the drive-thru sn-tchy mcsn-tcherson grabbed his take-out bag of big macs and took off like a bat out of h-ll.

  • Snapps

    snapps is a term referring to cash. when you have snapps you have loot. “all yall nuckas selling that sh-t in the hood, aint got no snapps on the petro!” a snapp can often get carried away with all the characteristics of its nature. usually pretty awesome, and almost always party’s and gets caught up […]

  • titority

    a term used to describe b–bs that are rated as extremely good looking. usually larger than average. comes from the slang term, t-t, and the word “majority” i’ve seen some b–bs in my day, but those are in the t-tority

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