mother trucker

another way of saying “mother f-cker!”
*your friend hits you with a swift punch to the face* ah!! you mother trucker! i’ll f-cking kill you!
another way to say “mother f-cker”; a more innocent form of the saying “mother f-cker” meant to be used around parents, teachers, etc.
tanner is such a mother trucker when he goes on a date with ashleigh.
a polite way of saying uno what
u mothertrucker
suburban housewife who drives her oversized suv over the speed limit while she’s talking on her cell phone.
“d-mn, that mothertrucker went right through the crosswalk!”
(n.) a euphemism for big, mother f**ker! a profanity loophole. also, a cr-ppy video game.
“big m-th- truckers” is an atrociously bad game on the x-box.
a redneck. especially one who is obscenely overweight and/or kind of douchy.
bruce: ugh, i cannot believe those mother truckers sitting behind us at the restaurant.

lance: i know! talking about nascar and making gross slupring noises.
the matron saint of the teamsters. viewed as a diety, her image is often visible on the mudflaps of tractor trailers.
as he roared into the night, the last thing visible on earl’s rig was those mother trucker mudflaps.

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