italian-american slang for n-gg-r.

derived from italian dialect word for “eggplant.”

see also moolie.
check out those moulinyans on the corner
phonetic spelling of mulignane – italian for eggplant. also moolie. racial insult toward blacks.
but if i call myself a n-gg-r what the f-ck is that? (yeah, you know)
don’t be the coolie or the moolie or a b–b with the jigger
don’t be the one… don’t be the n-gg-
– ice cube from “kill my landlord”
italian word refering to a black eggplant,
also a slang term used in place of n-gg-r
, c–n, jungle bunny, spear chucker, leroy, n-gg-r, n-gg-r, spook, nappy head, and mud flap.
what the f-ck were you doing with that stinky f-ckin’ moulinyan, you didn’t go ozone stargazing did you. you would be walking funny if you let that moulinyan donut hole you. for a minute i thought you were a n-gg-r lover.
an epithet for black people, primarily used by italian-americans. similar to “n-gg-r,” “c–n,” etc.
frankie needles gives nino brown a figurine of a black slave, with a noose around his neck which the slave is holding, after the cmb start to rival the mafia.

“to the moulinyan in charge! all the best babe ahahahah!”

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