mow mow

n an animal, generally of the feline persuasion.
n awww, look at that cute little mow mow.
when the male p-n-s erects to such a length that it peeks out of the neck and or arm hole of a t-shirt, sweater or other article of clothing. usually occurring during speaking to a female the p-n-s proceeds to say “mow mow” and poke the female on any part of her body.
sasha-so heather want to go see a movie with me some…. mow mow.
heather-umm no thanks.
v the manifesting of love, generally used in relation to dangers and kimbers.
v where are danger and kimber? over there, mow-mowing in the corner as usual.
a cat meowing. also know as a snowcap.
an examlpe of mow mow is chinese children.

“oh those children are such mow mows ?!”
a term of s-xual contact, without actually involving intercourse. this includes kissing, snogging, dry humping, or even just mention of such things. rhymes with chow, not low.
look at them mow-mowing! mow mow!
can be used in replacement of “weed”
“dude lets get some mow mow!”
when brent pruitt woop yo -ss wit da left and right
man b-tch dont make me mowmow you at da princess royale yo

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