mr whipple

a fictional crooked ebay seller,from mr. whipple in the old charmin commercials , in other words a seller of -ss-wipe. mr whipple will send the wrong items, and when contacted admit that it is his mistake. mr whipple will then offer to give a refund provided you send the items back. paying $10 to return a $10 item is not worthwhile, and mr whipple counts on this. if you point out it is his mistake, and he should pay to fix it mr whipple will tell you to read his return policy. if you threaten to give him negative feedback if he doesn’t set things right mr whipple will shoot back that you are trying to blackmail him , and he is filing a complaint with ebay. by now you realise that mr whipple has done this many times before, and the $10 isn’t worth the h-ssle. signs of whippledom an item is listed at a good price and gets no bidders item is re-listed at a better price and still no takers. buyers who would be interested have been burned by the seller,or know about his past scams won’t touch it. the seller has some really nasty feedback, and his standard reply is i offered to return their money. a seller whose refund policy is the buyer is responsible for all shipping no exception’s deal where the items’ cost is cheap and the shipping expensive. what to do. if it makes you feel better leave nasty feedback (like it really does any good), warn your friends, accept the fact that you have been cheated by a pro, and forget about it.
the seller sent the wrong stuff, and expects me to spend $10 for shipping to get a $10 refund, mr whipple strikes again. this is the third time i got cheated by mr whipple, how many of those guys are there ?
sellers who will burn in ebay h-ll for crimes against the community.
sellers who don’t send what they list. sellers who lie about an items condition. sellers who expect you to pay to correct their mistakes. sellers who make you wonder if ebay gives a dam. mr whipple is the main reason mikie the yorkie dropped ebay.

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