when a person likes/has a crush on many people but n-body like them back they are mrec
he is so mrec, he likes 5 girls but n-body likes him

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  • mr. saucy j

    (n) an old pedafile that creeps on small children, a person that is still “in the closet,” one who is a queerbate. dude, this guy who’s in the jetta, wearing that white under shirt, looks like a total mr. saucy j!

  • p*ssy morph

    an -ss hole who only see girls as s-x buddies, but pretends to be their friend. kaci: chris visited me during his tour to the us. we had so much fun!! ^^ lora: when that british charm wears off, you’ll see he’s just another p-ssy morph. kaci: 🙁

  • ghetto timeshare

    the act of buying something and splitting the cost with a friend or group of friends when the cost is under $100, and the group plans to share the item equally $40 webcam, splitting $20 a piece, alternating possession every week is a ghetto timeshare

  • pinkophobia

    pink, or vomiting from staring at the color throwing up from hearing the word pink can also be pinkophobia but normally it is just pink or throwing up because of pink.

  • salty ribeye

    when a girl takes her gl-ss eye out and a guy sticks his d-ck in her eye socket. i was making out with this girl and she asked me to give her a salty ribeye.

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