evil laugh at someone
“hey you kicked me from the server” response “muahahha

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  • speakwh*r*

    1. a person who goes through many speakers and/or headphones. 2. a wh-r- of speakers. 3. a person who has s-x with speakers. “i broke my headphones! that is the 10th this week!” “you speakwh-r-.”

  • muckma

    -noun used as a derogatory or racist term for an asian, or a person of asian descent. (derived from a sound made by a south korean woman after being hit in the back by a golf ball.) man 1: how the h-ll am i supposed to park here? this person’s taken up 2 whole sp-ces! […]

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    when sh-t isnt done right this door is allll kittywhompas

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