a castrated dog
look at that mucchi, he has no b-lls.

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  • muckity-muck

    a person who holds a high influential position, either in the military realm, or in the private sector. a person of power, high rank, influence and high status. the muckity-mucks of the army hold so much position, rank and power that the term “br-ss” has been obsolete for years.

  • mudhole

    -n-l s-x as the partner on the receiving end pushes sh-t out of the -sshole. mudhole(ing) after taco bell is messy, but, yo’- the lubrication it provides is h-lla tight. a’ight?! the -ss hole, literally. girl, “he f-ck-d me in the mudhole.” -ss hole or bl–dy wound; often reffered to when speaking of -n-l s-x […]

  • m*ff-fuff-in

    when referring to someone you think of as appealing, usually a guy, he can be called a ‘m-ffin’. but when you find a really cute guy, he is sometimes worth more than the simple two syllable word of ‘m-ffin’. worth so much more, in fact, that he deserves another syllable to the word ‘m-ffin’. thus […]

  • m*fficure

    to have your m-ff tamed by a professional such as one who would would have a pedicure or manicure. there are various ways of taming the m-ff – professional shave, wax, tweeze, colour job – the professional creates a unique style for each individual m-ff. today i went to the esthetician for a m-fficure.

  • m*fftover

    remains left over on a person’s chin or mouth after m-ff diving hey man, did you have a custard earlier or are those jillian’s m-fftovers on your face?

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