Mucho Calor Pene

when two partners engage in a highly dangerous and flammable variation on -n-l s-x. the receiving partner lines his/her -n-l c-n-l with sandpaper, while the giving partner covers the tip of their p-n-s with a thick layer of sulfur; turning the p-n-s into a match-like combustible. the two partners begin to perform the rituals of -n-l s-x, effectively igniting the p-n-s in a rage of flame. this practice has been linked to the sado-m-s-ch-stic practices of the bdsm culture. it is one of the most dangerous acts of abnormal s-xuality and is not practiced at most dungeons.
joe always was a receiver because being the dominant partner did not bring enough pain to satisfy his m-s-ch-stic desires. that is until he heard of the mucho calor pene! now that son of a b-tch is giving it left and right. and i heard his c-ck looks like a burnt cheeto!

dude i gave that b-tch a mucho calor pene, and now my d-ck smells like charcoal, and tastes like a used frying pan. sh-t!!

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