the opposite of a blumpkin..when a guy goes down on a chick while she is taking a dump.
holy sh-t, going down….. can i actually do this muckdive? get the air freshner..before i vomit.

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  • Chobbing

    the act of having relaxing fun with your friends. usually involves computer games, films and beers. if you’ve spent your time chobbing, then afterwards you could say that you’ve had a chob. on sat-rday we got loads of food, beer and films in and spent the whole night chobbing. it was really swift.

  • mackalacking

    an extreme version of macking it. she came over my house and man were we mackalacking it!

  • Madden Special

    f-ll-t– given while the receiver is playing a video game, including, but not limited to madden, nba, or halo. “her madden specials are the reason i don’t break up with her” f-ll-t–, usually while the administrator is under the influence of alcohol. orville received the madden special while attending his colleague’s c-cktail party.

  • make dump

    to void excrement from the bowels through the -n-s; have a bowel movement; defecate i’m going to go make dump because those hot wings tore me up.

  • chocaw

    awesomely sweet aw, such a chocaw – what a delight to behold.

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