mud digger

a white girl that dates black guys… there are 2 variations of this specimen… the proud type walks with their nose high in the air and gives white guys the “look what i got.” sneering grin… the other variation is the ashamed type… they tend to try to avoid direct eye contact with surrounding white guys or other white females… (see also: gold digger)

this definition does not advocate racism in any way shape or form… rather it just points how the general population views this growing trend.

gwen stephani, nena bromley from delaware county, pa are both considered by many to be “mud diggers”.
one enjoys dining out in another person’s -sshole.
jason is a mud digger. he ate that girl’s -ssh-l- out for 20 minutes.
one who over indulges in the pleasure of -n-l s-x with both s-xes without a condom.
last night i f-ck-d you mum in the -ss, this morning i woke up and plundered your brothers. dammit man, i am the worlds greatest f-ck-ng mud digger.

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